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Hallo and a happy new year from the GIZMOtec-team. Thank you for all your support last year. Now we want to continue with new achievements in 2016.

We have some great news for you…


Have you already seen our new website?

We worked very hard on our website being more user-friendly. That’s why we did some major changes. What do you think? Visit our new website. We have also included an online shop for you to carry out your purchase more easily.


Be the first buyer in your country and get nearly 20% off on the AP-Manager-Kit!

With our nation campaign we want to give you a chance to get the AP-Manager-Kit with a reduction in price. If you place the first order of your home country you get nearly 20% of the initial price. In this case, the reduced price is € 399,- (excl. VAT). You can spot whether you are the first buyer in your country from the list on our website. There you can find more information on the campaign. Of course, you can also contact us anytime if you have questions on this issue.


Are you interested in becoming an integration partner of GIZMOtec?

As the AP-Manager meanwhile does have a lot of futures and is compatible with various (mixed) autopilots, as well as each customer does have his own redundancy setup (power, battery,…) the AP-Manager is not a plug and play device.

Therefore, you can become an integration partner for the AP-Manger in your country/region. If you are a company working in the field of UAV building/engineering and, with a prevailing customer base and you have been in market for five years. Please feel free to apply at if you meet this requirements. You can also check out our new post on our website for more information.



Firmware Updates are coming soon!

Our software engineer worked on some updates for the AP-Manager Configuration Tool. Some changes on the Configuration Tool and Firmware are:

• The ArduPilot  configuration is now split into 2 configurations Ardupilot Low Traffic an ArduPilot High Traffic. This selection is to reduce the cyclic load on the AP-Manager if more than 1 Sensor is connected to I2C.

• It is now possible to connect a PWM signal to the AP-Manager PPM input instead of a PPM signal. If RC_type PWM is configured in the AP-Manager Configuration Tool 1 PWM channel can be selected for Manual Switch.

• High Traffic Indication added (for Ardupilot Low Traffic, Ardupilot High Traffic).

• Extended information for Board Status, Error status added.

• An extra status tab (AP_Manager_Online) added inside the AP-Manager Configuration tool added to monitor the actual and Error status of the AP-Manager (graphical version of existing Board status).

• If an Arm Switch is configured on the AP-Manager ModeSelect, the Error status of the autopilot is evaluated only after the Arm command is given by the remote control.


Further, the information in the manual has been updated.


Do you want to know more about us? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to answer your questions.


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