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The AP-Switch allows you to connect a second, external power supply on a given circuit.

As soon as an external power input is noticed or plugged in, the already existing connection (e.g. to an internal battery) is interrupted.

This makes the AP-Switch to an ideal helper when you require external power e.g. during start-up phase, especially with “kerosene start” of a jet engine, respectively a turbine) or when you implement the AP-Switch as part of an on-board redundancy power supply unit.

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Product Description

1. Features

  • Polarity reversal protection of the switch and electronic control unit
  • Adjustable overvoltage power-off on both power input
  • Adjustable undervoltage power-off on the external input
  • Integrated status-LED about the external power input
  • Optional extra status-LED with 500mm cable
  • Smoothing the applied ECU-voltage
  • Extreme low voltage drop
  • ESD-protection

2. Technical Specification

Max. voltage: 21,0V
Internal operation range: 5,0V – 17,1V
External operation range: 5,6V – 17,1V
Adjustable overvoltage protection (internal/external): 8,3V – 17,1V (2-4S batteries)
Adjustable undervoltage protection (external): 5,6 – 15,2V  (2-4S batteries)
Adjustable undervoltage protection (internal): 5,0V
Continuous current: 8 amps –> MOSFET-Temp. 45°C
(without cooling, ambient temperature 20°C):  16 amps –> MOSFET-Temp. 90°C
When cooled (heat sink ) or only short-term load:  20 amps are possible

3. Connection cables

Cross section: 2 x 2,5mm²
Length ECU-cable: ~ 100mm
Length power-cables (intern/extern): ~ 200mm

4. Board size

Length x width: 46mm x 28mm


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